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top 10 things i remember the most bout my father.

salam, hai.

yesterday i found a joke i told my father. it was the last joke i told him i think. so here's a list of my own top 10 list of things i remembered the most.

no he's not angry, but this is just how he posed in a picture, formally.

1. he was a cool guy, always smile, and hard to see him mad over small or big matters. but, don't even mess with him by saying you don't wanna go to school just because you don't want to or you hate studying. you'll see his anger and seriously, it's frightening. scarier than any thriller movie you ever watched in your life. ok. melampau. haha. but seriously, it's terrifying.

2. whenever we traveled anywhere by car, he always be the co-pilot because he couldn't see well and drive well, it's all because of diabetic effect. alert boys and girls. take care of yourself. diabetes will make your eyesight bad and make your feet useless, you won't feel anything. he remembered any direction from where to where, but the bad thing is, he's a bad guide. and i inherited this. haha. sometimes he said lurus, but it's not lurus, it maybe means stay at the lorong your currently in. or it maybe mean lurus by his eyesight. or you have to see his hand gesture where it directs to. see. lurus indicates many directions. in the end, they'd quareled in the car, but whenever we reached our destination, they'll laughed over the misunderstanding earlier. funny thing was, my father's phone equipped with google maps. but he rather not to use it. maybe he loved to quarrel with my mom bout directions? who knows. :)

3. he's funny. seriously. he got sense of humor. and do tell him any jokes. he enjoyed it. like :
cr to takkesah.tumblr.com

he laughed at it. if i told anyone else, their reactions were like, what? that was stupid. in return, you'll get another joke from him. most famous joke he told us was tranny in JB trying to halau a dog away from him/her. he imitated the tranny, and that's the funniest part of the story. another thing is, if you told the same joke to him again, he'll laughed at your joke like he never heard it before. i remembered one joke he loved the most was bapak jeling. he laughed histerically (melampau lagi, haha) to that joke eventhough it was told million times.

4. he had baby's skin. i'm not kidding. even us girls doesn't have soft skin as his. the first time i discovered he had baby's skin was when we were on our trip to Sarawak. he can't get his sugar level on normal level. he'll get exhausted, and can't see well, hence he can't walk well. at that time, i had to hold him. when i hold his forearm, OMG! its really soft and i envy him. i told my mum, and she said "memanglah, baru tau ke?" ok. ketinggalan.

5. he loved wrestling. so much. before, we had two TV with astro. but recently, after our house renovated (2/3 years ago), we cancelled another astro so we only have one unit of astro. whenever it's wrestling night, we'll wrestle (ok tipu) to get the remote. but in the end, we gave it to him anyway. because whenever it's wrestling night, no good program on tv pon. plus, the show on astro kan ada rerun, so we were like don't care sangatlah, or maybe it's just me who didn't care because i don't watch tv much at home. haha. whenever there were special wrestling day, usually on monday morning, 7/8 am at astro box office, he tried his best to go work late, just to watch AND record the program. and if he's not able to watch it because he was hospitalized or outstation, he messaged anyone at home to record it. usually it happened to me when i was on semester break. he reminded us the night before, after dawn, until you said the program is already running and i am recording it now, then only he leave me alone. at that time i was like,
"ayah ni, tak abes-abes wrestling.". and my mom would nag but whenever john cena comes out she'd joined my father.
hahahaha cr to blogserius.

6. he had big, fleshy, reddish palm. he never slapped us anywhere on our body, except for me, i think, hihi. but when he did. it was the most painful thing you ever experienced. the reason i was slapped by my late father was because i don't want to go to school and at that time i was 7. padan muka,kan dah kena. and that was the first and last time i was slapped by him, itupun kat belakang, bukan muka. he's a cool and loving guy. it's not his nature to get angry easily. but when he's angry, u'll deserve something that you can't even imagine. AND it's hard to see him angry.

7. he loved anything with sugar dearly. ice-cream, soft drinks, chocolates, you name it. he loved it. whenever we bought any of those stuffs, we had to hid it from him. whenever we said hid it, it means hid it well. when we were young, he loved to eat late night snack. he became the greatest seeker ever. on the next morning' we'd discovered something's missing. usually, when he went outstation, he'd bought us hundred ringgit worth of chocs. and we divided the chocolates evenly to our shares and hid it in the fridge. so if our treasures were discovered by him, we couldn't say more than, ayah niiiiii...but, lucky us, he always went outstation. so our house were showered by chocolates. and the chocolate he loves the most was kinder bueno. i remembered he compared kinder bueno from malaysia and from UK. from UK, the price for single bueno was 99 pence (don't convert to our RM) while in malaysia, RM3.90, kot. i dunno, but it's expensive. imagine, 99p. if i came home from school and i want something sweet and i have only 1pound in my pocket, i could buy a bueno. and it's the same size of our local bueno. i f i have RM1 in my pocket and suddenly craving for bueno, alamatnya, 4hari kumpul RM1 baru dapat. seee?

8. he loved shopping. before i mentioned he couldn't walk far, and he's easily exhausted right? but whenever he came to a mall to shop, he suddenly became energized. don;t know where he got his energy from. the last time we went shopping together when we went for Melaka's Holiday. he was weak from the morning. but when we went to Dataran Pahlawan, he saw his favourite shop, amik kau, we spent more than an hour just to buy his shirtssss. we were bored waiting for him to choose and sat on the couch in the shop, then he came there. okay, we thought he finished shopping. but actually he was dizzy and want a short break. then he resumed his activity, he did that two or three times. my mother who was helping him to choose earlier also gave up. he chose it alone. nasib baik dia amik jugak. kalau pilih-pilih tak amik, memang nak menangis kot? then we went to another shops to buy anything, and it took us less than half an hour. we got shoes, shirts and etc. and my second sister inherited my father's shopping attitude.

9. he hated chicken. but the problem is, we love chicken. whenever our mother cooked nasi ayam or anything associated with chicken, his face was like "blergh, ayam, muaknye'. sometimes, it's not just his expression changed, he would expressed it to my mother. i once asked my mother, why ayah hates chicken so much? and my mother answered that, he used to love chicken, but because he ate it everyday, he became sick of it. the same thing goes when we bought KFC. his face would be like, alah, apsal takde nasi or makanan lain. he'll eat it without complain, but only one piece. but if he's hungry, he'd ate all of his shares. so whenever my father was at home, my mom tried her best to not to cook anything with chicken because my father new love was fish. and my siblings doesn't love fish so much except for me. so whenever our mother cooked fish and if there were leftovers and they don't want to keep it, they'd called for my help to finished it. but one thing. if the chicken was cooked in form of satay, he'd ate it. haha

10. he was a smart guy. yes. he was. some people say maybe he lived longer than us, that's why he's wiser. could you imagine, the first time he saw michelle branch on tv, he already knew that she was indonesian. imagine how did i react at that time. my jaw dropped and asked him, how did you know?, alah muka indonesian, nampak sangat. and i was like, ada ke?. maybe it was true he lived longer that's why he's wiser. but my mom told me, he had asthma since he was a little kid. he couldn't be so active like other boys were, like playing soccer or did anything other boys did. so he spent most of his time reading books. from then, he loved reading books. and we had a library, full of books. not only books related to his works, but self improvement, islamic, and etc. he didn't mind to spend money on books. he loved books so much and didn't care even it costs him hundreds of RM. among all of those books he bought, i love 'mickey's know how encyclopedia'. it was the best encyclopedia ever. i remembered when i had school project, i only referred to books available on our library. haaaa. awesome kan?. and again, my second sister inherited his smart-ness. she's the smartest among all of us, and she went to the same university as my father did and she's the first among my family further her study abroad. just like my father did.

yes. i missed my father, especially when passed my JPJ test few days ago. i wanted to tell my father, but i couldn't. when i had my result for anything, i would tell him first. and it's awkward when i found myself couldn't do that anymore. all i can do for you is to pray for Him to forgive you. i love you and al-fatihah. :)

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NajwaZin said...

Al-Fatihah Yameen. ;) May Allah grants him with rahmah and barakah.
He is so lucky to have a solehah daughter, that pray for him for worldly life and hereafter.

-yAmEnToS_ said...

thanx :)

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